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Book Summaries

Summarised Preface for Book Summaries (2004)

Death to all who dare rewrite what has been written! Impale them and roast them over a slow fire! Castrate them and cut off their ears!

Milan Kundera, Jacques and His Master

…Since the adage ‘time is money’ is even more true these days when there are so many people who buy short history books and books that teach you about whatever you want in 90 minutes… Book Summaries is a book in which I have rewritten the things that made it through the filter of my brain, in other words, whatever is left over my selective perception – without worrying about the glass being half empty – fully aware of the danger of incorrectly expressing the statements that express the wholeness of a given book. For that reason, I probably fully deserve the curse quoted above, which is itself a summary statement of mine… It may be that people who read this book a few generations from now will try to summarise this book as well.   


Published in Gagarin #27, 2013 

You can read the full text here.