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A Small Mix-up

In A Small mix-up Aslı Çavuşoğlu deals with the correlation between Turkish society and the documentation of history. As the title ironically suggests, Çavuşoğlu portrays how small manipulations engendered drastic shifts on the perceptions of nation, identity and history in Turkey. Inspired by an old Armenian copper engraver she met in the Black Sea coast, A Small mix-up was produced after she noticed the altered nature of the family pictures he showed her. Upon questioning the man on the reason behind the alteration she found out that when the man took an old picture of his father to be repaired, the photo studio not only served his needs but also altered the background without consent. Although a seemingly petty mistake, Çavuşoğlu believes that the story serves as a testimony on the approach to history, especially in Turkish culture, as an evasive mechanism that alters documents until the original information disappears.


C-Print, 20×25 cm