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The Demolition of the Russian Monument at Ayestefanos


After declaring war against Russia in 1914, the Ottoman government decided to demolish the Russian monument at Ayestefanos and commissioned the officer Fuat Uzkınay to film the destruction process. Many people attended the demolition process and watched the director working with his camera for long hours. Though referred to as the first Turkish film ever made, the footage has never been found. It is also uncertain if such a film really existed – some even say that the director might have forgotten to record. All we have now of the whole process is two photographs of the monument taken before and after it was exploded. It is also uncertain whether these images are extracts from the film or they were taken by someone else.

Taking these images as its starting point, The Demolition of the Russian Monument at Ayestefanos creates a substitution for the missing process.


Mixed Media, 6 Pieces, 31.5×26.5 cm (each)