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Genies of Water (in collaboration with İnci Eviner)

Çavuşoğlu collaborated with Turkish artist İnci Eviner for the research and production of this work. After visiting the Ergene River, located in the Thrace region of Turkey, they observed its severe state of pollution, the result of waste from industrial production in this area. The river’s water inspired the production of this large-scale work on rice paper. The artists made silkscreen prints, redrawing images of extinct fish from the Marmara Sea, elements of urban culture, and personal mythologies, completing the composition with gestural drawings inspired by shamanic traditions using a symbolic amount of river water as ink. The title of the work, Genies of Water, takes up the notion of Jinn, invisible spirits from Eastern mythology that can take anthropomorphic forms to intervene in human affairs.


*Excerpt from the exhibition labels for TunState at Museo Jumex, Mexico City, 2023.


Genies of Water, 2023. Ink and serigraphy on rice paper.