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Coyote Track

The causes and effects of migration are part of the artist’s research interests. While collecting the bark of Bursera fagaroides in the Sonoran Desert, Çavuşoğlu learned about the espadrilles that allow migrants to walk on the sand as they seek to cross the border without being traced. The artist imprinted the soles, made of carpet, on the fragments of the tree bark, binding them together with fragments of polished obsidian produced with a workshop in Yerevan, Armenia. The textures and fragilities of these materials contrast and complement each other, while the double wooden frame alludes to the border itself.


*Excerpt from the exhibition labels for TunState at Museo Jumex, Mexico City, 2023.


Coyote Track, 2022. Wood, obsidian, drawings on bursera fagaroides
112×84 cm.