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Buried Intentionally

For the installation “Buried Intentionally”, Aslı Çavuşoğlu produced four ceramic masks inspired by portraits taken during past crisis periods in her personal and professional life. The starting point of the work is based on the intentional burial of sacred structures in and around Göbeklitepe. The functions of these sites have not yet been fully known, yet there are theories suggesting that these sites had completed their missions and evidently intentionally filled in. The artist, making a connection with the ritual of burying the dead wrapped in straw bedrolls that she encountered during her trip to Mexico, now deliberately buries the personas she left behind utilizing pre-owned hand woven bedrolls from Mardin and ceramic masks.


Ceramic, hand-woven straw bedrolls, rope. 
h. 100 cm / 140 cm / 165 cm / 185 cm. ⌀ 20–25 cm
Commissioned by Mardin Biennial and SAHA, Istanbul.