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VWVWVWV is a sound experience that proposes an alternative for the language-based public announcements made in art institutions. Acknowledging the possibilities of interaction with audial notifications through technological devices, the project departs from the question of whether a sound icon can trigger the navigation of the visitors. Regardless of having to be acquainted with any language, VWVWVWV tries to extend the frontiers of the art institution through its linguistic boundaries.

VWVWVWV replaces the regular Korean and English closing announcement of the Asia Culture Center’s galleries aired 15 minutes before the closing hour.  The sound is composed as a collage including the ending notes of various audio works derived from different musical cultures.  VWVWVWV provides a ‘leap second’ to welcome further cultural sounds to be included hereafter by presenting an open-ended span within its 59 seconds duration.

Created in collaboration with Alper Maral, composer and musicologist based in Istanbul, VWVWVWV will be launched at Asia Culture Center, Gwangju for the first time on October 26th, 2017 at 17:45.

Sound, 00:59 minutes

Commissioned by Asia Culture Center, 2017


Click to see the promo video of VWVWVWV which was distributed on ACC’s social media accounts during the exhibition.  

** Thanks to Naz Kocadere, Özge Ersoy, Merve Elveren, Alper Maral and Gülin Ekinci for their valuable comments about editing the text.