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Billboard Project – Dominance of Shadow

Dominance of Shadow consists of the installation of fake film posters on 18 different billboards in Istanbul, each chosen by the artist. The graphic on the poster, a patchwork of images gathered from the internet, left no doubt about the genre of the film. The poster announced that Dominance of Shadow, a horror movie positively reviewed by the Washington Post, would be shown in theaters soon. It also offered information about the invented director “Lou Benneth” and his previous movies. A remarkable part of the project was that the dissemination of the poster did not have any illegality to it; the artist did not circumvent the bureaucracy, but rather worked within legal bounds and finally managed to install the posters. Their life span differed from place to place, some remaining visible for years. The fictitious sphere became a critical playground for investigating commonly accepted notions surrounding the fast and widespread circulation of information.

Pelin Uran, from the text titled The Real Must Be Fictionalized In Order to be Thought commissioned for Mercury in Retrograde.

Vinyl Print, 2×3 m.



The artist is here researching relations of power connected to knowledge in the public space and how they actually shape the margin of the real because of their status in the hierarchy of discourse, more than by any validity.

The Mantle by Ari Akkermans