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Pink as a Cabbage / Green as an Onion / Blue as an Orange

In her solo exhibition at Kadist Paris, “Pink as a Cabbage / Green as an Onion / Blue as an Orange”, Aslı Çavuşoğlu presents a narrative based on alternative approaches put forward by sustainable farming initiatives that have emerged recently in reaction to destructive practices of industrial agriculture. In exploring the innovations these ecological initiatives have developed in the face of a mounting crisis of production and distribution, Çavuşoğlu asks viewers to rethink possibilities of local production and sustainable consumption. 

Through an installation of natural fabrics and dyes, Çavuşoğlu examines the work of fifteen agricultural initiatives, each formed with different requirements and goals, and many of which operate as food cooperatives. The stories of these initiatives and the new models they propose take shape as abstract narratives on fabric, using natural dyes that were derived from the products they cultivate. Threads colored with dyes obtained from fruits, vegetables and plants, are woven together to form local and natural fabrics. These fabrics are then painted, resulting in an end product that evokes the sentiment of a market environment.

In the spirit of kinship, solidarity and community demonstrated by these initiatives, the exhibition puts forward the conviction that it will be possible to move away from industrial food production and provide sufficient and healthy food through new, innovative and sustainable models.


Fabrics and weavings dyed with natural dyes in different techniques. Dimensions variable. 
Commissioned by Kadist with the support of SAHA.


The Turkish artist Aslı Çavuşoğlu’s Pink as a Cabbage / Green as an Onion / Blue as an Orange (2020) presented something of a fightback: an immensely practical return to the human-land connection, via a retaking of the reins in the face of destructive industrial agricultural practices.