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In Diverse Estimations Little Moscow

Point Operation, the trial of the 12th September 1980 coup d’état took place in Fatsa, a middle-sized coastal town in Ordu in 11th of July where a unique participatory democracy experience has been run for 8.5 months, making it possible for municipality officials to discuss public issues with the direct contribution of the community. A large number of military and police forces were mobilized in the region. During this unfortunate operation thousands of people were arrested and persecuted in the region and more than 50 young people were killed in the mountains.

The film is based on the utilization of these places together with objects that were significant during 1979, such as police cars, informer’s masks, banned books among many others to refresh the collective memory by employing ‘connotation’ as an approach.  

12.45 min. Single channel video, HD Blue-ray, 5.1 dolby digital, Turkish with English subtitles. Commissioned by BORUSAN A. Ş.


In the work, history is addressed obliquely. Made up of dozen episodes, the short film opens with dogs sniffing around an abandoned factory, then a boy ducks into a hole on the side of a steep cliff, older men fire cap guns into the air, teenagers dance between pantomiming a strangling and CPR resuscitation, a woman reads from a banned book and two men re-create mountaintop duel.  

ArtAsiaPacific by HG Masters


A. Will Brown interviews Aslı Çavuşoğlu about her film In Diverse Estimations Little Moscow (2011)