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She Who Is Salt-White

She who is Salt-white is a performance in collaboration with a gospel church and its choir from Bilbao to reveal the hidden story and actual motivation of Lot’s Wife–a biblical woman who was transformed into a pillar of salt as punishment for looking back at the divine destruction of her home instead of steadfastly fleeing from it–through a rousing and heterodox musical incantation. 

Performance, app. 25 minutes. Commissioned by ENPAP (European Network of Public Art Producers).

Watch the documentation here.



The final act was Asli Cavusoglu’s production of the ‘Hand of God Church and its Voice of Melody Gospel Choir’. Backed up by the choir, a preacher told the story of Lot and his wife, wondering who would have seen that she turned into a pillar of salt if anyone who looked back to see her would have been turned into salt themselves. That speaks volumes about the state of the art world. Moreover, his sermon, titled ‘She Who Is Salt White’ sat conspicuously and uncomfortably within an all white audience.

Frieze blog by Ronald Jones