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A Few Hours After the Revolution

The Turkish word ‘Devrim’ [Revolution] is a graffiti often inscribed on streets walls by the leftists in Turkey.  However, each time it appears on a wall, rightists modify the word in just a couple of hours by adding lines or crosses around, thereby making it illegible.

A Few Hours After Revolution is an exact reproduction of a modified graffiti as neon installation.

Neon installation, 1.40 x 40 cm



Six neon figures that light up a single wall at Istanbul’s Pera Museum make no sense until you read the title, “A Few Hours After the Revolution.” Then you realize that the neon letters duplicate the Turkish word DEVRIM (Revolution) in capital letters after the letters have been altered by anti-revolutionaries or police. In Turkey, leftists often write “devrim” on walls only to have the graffiti quickly made incomprehensible by others.

Al-Monitor by Nazlan Ertan