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ANNEX is a font conceived by the artist, and designed by Özer Yalçınkaya. ANNEX finds its inspiration, and shape from a socio-political phenomenon Çavuşoğlu has been documenting across Istanbul for over a decade. Herein anti-establishment graffiti is quickly redacted through the use of counter-graffiti marks that make the original slogans, such as “the only way is revolution”, or “another world is possible”, illegible by rendering the letters into jumbles of crosses, triangles, circles, squares, and other abstract geometric blocks.

Sympathetic to all forms of use, the font may be downloaded here for free.*


Neon, Turkish alphabet (29 letters) and English alphabet (26 letters), each h: 30 cm. Commissioned by MASS MoCA with the support of SAHA.

*Excerpt from the exhibition text by Adam Kleinman



A pair of neon installations, flame-colored and seething, represent the artist’s attempt at a new alphabet, given this one’s obvious shortcomings at embodying shared meaning.

Boston Globe by Murray Whyte


Comprising a neon installation and a downloadable font, the installation ANNEX (all works 2020) reappropriated a censorship tactic as a communication tool. In Turkey, reactionaries redact Istanbul’s revolutionary graffiti—slogans like ANOTHER WORLD IS POSSIBLE and THE ONLY WAY IS REVOLUTION—by transforming the individual letters into geometric shapes, making the phrases illegible.

Artforum by Kaya Genç