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In Patagonia After Bruce Chatwin

The author of In Patagonia (1977), is among the prominent travel writers who were active before popular magazines took over the travel writing scene. The novelty he introduced into the colonialist notion of ‘I came – I saw- I wrote it all down’ was that he blended travel writing with fiction.

In Patagonia After Bruce Chatwin is based on the idea to reenact the journey 20 years after Chatwin’s original one. This journey can be read as the initiation of a fascinated reader of the book who wants to create her own experience, and it is about going to all places named in the book using the same transportation means Chatwin used and finding the same people Chatwin talked to.


Artist book, 52 pages, Turkish and English + map, mixed media on paper, 102 x 168 cm.

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